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    WWWC Radio certifies that its advertising sales agreements, written, verbal, or by email, do not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity. No sales pressure here at 3WC…just sales results!!! If you’re looking for an effective way to advertise your business, then call our 3WC Sales Staff today to find out how we can benefit your company. The majority of the businesses who choose to advertise on 3WC also choose to continually advertise on 3WC. That’s because it works! We have the digital technology, variety of professional voices, and years of experience to write and produce your commercials. Or, if you have co-op, we can use their canned ads or voice their pre-written copy. You’ll find our 3WC Sales and Production staff to be very helpful and professional. No sales pressure here at 3WC…just sales results !!! DEMOGRAPHICS: 25-54 year olds… Nearly 80% of our audience is in this age bracket. Twenty-five percent of the audience is 25-34 years old, thirty-one percent are 35-44 and twenty-three percent are 44-54 years of age. Gender-wise, there’s fairly equal male/female distribution with 53% of the audience comprised of males and 47% comprised of females. Southern gospel audiences have the highest percentage of stay-at-home moms among all Christian radio formats. This is the age bracket that SPENDS MONEY! Over half of the listening audience of WWWC is head of household, about 25 percent are grandparents, and again almost half are in households with children under 18 years of age. These families buy lots of groceries, clothing, automobiles, and eat out frequently. They are busy living daily lives and SPEND MONEY to keep everything moving forward. Who listens to WWWC? 15% of our listeners operate their own home-based business. 17% of the people tuned in to 3WC are employed in a ministry position in a church, that is tops among all Christian radio formats! Listeners TRUST WWWC. Over 70 percent of our listeners say that they feel better shopping with an advertiser who uses Christian Media to promote their business. 73% say they would shop with a business that advertises on Christian radio, once again, that’s tops among all Christian radio formats. Let us help you reach the audience you are after. After all, it does not matter how many people you reach, if you do not reach the right people. Click here to download our Sales Kit. WWWC Radio: 336-838-1241 *Source: Soma Communications Media and Market Reports Copyright ? 2010, Hometown Christian Radio 3WC. All rights reserved.
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