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    Advertise on 2CH 2CH is Australia's most popular easy listening radio station. All day, every day, 2CH 1170 entertains Sydney's adult, affluent lifestyle market with the world's best easy listening songs from the 50's through to today's latest releases. Hear classics from Frank Sinatra to Robbie Williams. Our 2CH 1170 personalities are well known, pleasant and communicate with their adult audience in a credible and conventional style. Throughout the week, 2CH 1170 broadcasts a range of segments featuring interviews with celebrities from around the world, gardening advice with Graham Ross, Cooking with Sheridan Rogers as well as regular major station promotions and giveaways. The 2CH breakfast and drive home shows are packed with music, news, weather reports, traffic updates, finance information, transport details all blending perfectly with Sydney's greatest memories and easy listening hits. 24 hours a day 2CH keeps listeners informed with Macquarie National News, Australia's leading commercial radio news service. The 2CH community help keeps the people of Sydney totally in touch with what's happening now and in the future. Every weekend 2CH 1170 hosts the 'Stress Free Weekend' encouraging listeners to relax and enjoy some time out. This includes prize giveaways, and a range of promotional activities and events, along with many special weekend themes to add interest and variety. Every Saturday night, Bob Rogers, our very own walking talking musical dictionary, hosts "Reminiscing" featuring the best songs from the 40's and 50's including interviews with the stars. The combination of personalities and contemporary easy listening music, makes 2CH Easy 1170 the best and most relaxed listening environment to deliver your advertising message. Testimonials Advertising on 2CH is a great way to reach Sydney's Boomer Generation. Here's what just a few of our advertisers have to say about how 2CH is working for them. 2CH is part of the MACQUARIE RADIO NETWORK The Macquarie Radio Network offers you the unique combination of Sydney's premier talk station - 2GB 873 - and the home of easy listening - 2CH 1170. Reaching 804,000* different people each week across the Sydney metropolitan region, as well as being the Number 1 rating combined commercial station for All People aged 10+, we know that advertising on the Macquarie Radio Network will attract the appropriate clientele to your business. Both 2GB 873 and 2CH 1170 focus on offering the services of well known and dedicated presenters who understand the importance of advertising, therefore driving your dollar further. As the Macquarie Radio Network values the needs of advertisers, each radio marketing campaign is designed to suit individual clients by providing promotional activity that can include any or all of the following: Live read commercials by on-air presenters; Quality 30 second recorded commercials; Promotions to include prize giveaways; Exclusive sponsorship of regular program segments; Live broadcasts from your place of business. The Macquarie Radio Network provides advertisers with an unprecedented radio marketing opportunity of utilising a leading music and the most up to date news talk formats. We also offer substantially lower rates per thousand than any other radio network while gaining the most reach into Sydney's affluent adult demographic. Contacting 2CH 2CH EASY 1170 - Contact Information Macquarie Radio Network Radio 2CH Level 1, Building C, 33-35 Saunders St Pyrmont NSW 2009 GPO Box 4290 SYDNEY, NSW 2001 Steve Anderson Sales Manager Phone: 02 8570 0376 Fax:(02) 8570 0219 Competition Line: 1300 13 1170
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I can access the BE messaging website at the app.

BE Messenger a messaging app for
It can receive/reply private messages from the users.
It can change icon, and set a status message for their account.

Notification new message on BE meesenger.
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Core Foundation Framework
Core Foundation is a framework that provides fundamental software services useful to application services, application environments, and to applications themselves. Core Foundation also provides abstractions for common data types, facilitates internationalization with Unicode string storage, and offers a suite of utilities such as plug-in support, XML property lists, URL resource access, and preferences.
Core Graphics
The Core Graphics framework is based on the Quartz advanced drawing engine. It provides low-level, lightweight 2D rendering with unmatched output fidelity. You use this framework to handle path-based drawing, transformations, color management, offscreen rendering, patterns, gradients and shadings, image data management, image creation, and image masking, as well as PDF document creation, display, and parsing.
Foundation Framework
Launch Services
The Message UI framework provides specialized view controllers for presenting standard composition interfaces for email and SMS (Short Messaging Service) text messages. Use these interfaces to add message delivery capabilities without requiring the user to leave your app.
StoreKit enables users to embed a store in their app. It also process financial transactions associated with the purchase of content and services.
The UIKit framework (UIKit.framework) provides the crucial infrastructure needed to construct and manage iOS apps. This framework provides the window and view architecture needed to manage an app’s user interface, the event handling infrastructure needed to respond to user input, and the app model needed to drive the main run loop and interact with the system.
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