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    Publisher: Hire Dynamics consultants and contractors with 365 Freelance.
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    365 Freelance is the trading name of 365 RESOURCE LIMITED. We launched in April 2013 in the United Kingdom (company registration 08476909). We are an online network that provides access to Microsoft freelancer profiles and projects that need them. We ONLY focus on Microsoft Dynamics. We ONLY work with freelancer/contractor consultants and employers looking for such people, and ONLY advertise temporary projects. We are a subscription based company. It is free for freelancers, while Clients/Partners pay a quarterly subscription fee to become members. You can hire as many people as you wish without paying us any more at all in that period, and if you don’t need to hire in the following three months, you don’t have renew until you want to hire again. We give freelancers the facility to (a) upload their profile and calendar availability and (b) enable them to search for projects published by hiring client companies. We provide hiring clients with (a) the ability to search for and get in touch directly with consultants and (b) post project requirements so that interested contractors can contact them directly. We only publish information you choose to share. We provide a low cost hiring model and offer simple and basic functionality in order to provide this free of charge for freelancers and at a low subscription fee to customers/partners. - See more at:
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