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    Publisher: Three Chickens and a Boat - Living Life Extraordinarily
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    ust a simple mom, running a simple blog and trying to change the world… Seriously… trying to change the world, one mom at a time! I live hard, work hard & play…well, hard! I have 3 kiddies (girls aged 7 & 10, and boy age 4) I enjoy everything about food – growing it, cooking with it & eating it. Ditto wine… Ditto chocolate (cause it is an entity beyond common food) I am active, love the outdoors & am an adventurous spirit. I will try most things… but I don’t like bugs (but who does really?) You can take me out in public – I clean up well and am socially compatible with a variety of demographics. Even though I live on a “crunchy” island, I do shave, and eat meat. But, then again, I also eat couscous, and listen to Cat Stevens… The one holdup. . . I have these massive values so we will need to work together on value oriented projects! I am all about finding out the reasons & the best parts of your company & sharing that. I am a mom & I talk to moms, and moms want to work with businesses that have a heart, a soul & a story! So, if you wanna play with me, check out some of my options, but really you should just pop me an email at julie(at) so we can start chatting! I find the most amazing things come from us connecting and finding creative solutions! And if you feel the need to stalk me, you can learn about more about what I am doing to change the world at 3chicken Consulting (my coaching and consulting business) & BLUNTmoms, where I am publisher and owner
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