3rdspace is a content company that helps brands with purpose create content that provokes action.

In a world awash with content, we create work that brings your purpose to life, takes a point of view, involves the audience and gets a response.

Future Focused | Humanity Obsessed | Truth Tellers | Results Results Results

With a team of content strategists, writers, directors and producers from a diverse mix of backgrounds, including Film, TV, radio and comedy, we create and produce in house to ensure your content tells your brands story in innovative, powerful and agile ways.

If you’re a marketer who really gets the power of purpose, why not get in touch and see how we can help you develop content to grow your business and engage with consumers in courageous ways, that provoke action.

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    The go to people for brands and agencies to create visually rich content that is agile, high-quality, and surprisingly cost-effective.
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