A National member based organization for horsewomen. We are the only member based organization that has an annual Awards Program based on participation only. Local Cowgirl Chapters are formed and partake in many activities. All members are awarded points based the events participation numbers.

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    Publisher: 40 Something Cowgirls: The Funnest Bunch of Horse Women on the Planet
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    About Us What We Do Pretty much whatever it is we want to……why? Because we can and because our time is NOW! Members of “40 Something Cowgirls” help and encourage each other, we are supportive and respectful. We laugh allot, mostly at ourselves and have adventures together that only women, especially mature women, can have. It is where we can leave our troubles behind and enjoy life while enjoying our horses. Local 40SC chapters get together and host trail rides, cowboy polo, drill teams, camping trips, educational speakers, horsemanship clinics, “bombproofing”, some play soccer on horseback or even square dance on horses. Some do parades and obstacle courses. There are charity fund raisers and trail rides, Easter egg hunts, Halloween costume contests, Christmas caroling and on and on. All the while earning points towards Year End Awards. Some chapters are made up entirely of ropers, penners or cutters, whatever the interest; a Chapter can be formed and can unite with other women that have the same interests, locally and globally. The really fun part is that events do not have to be hosted by Cowgirls, because that takes allot of work! Sometimes members just meet for lunch, go to the movies or check out the newest tack shop or ride a poker ride. Attending events that other organizations host can be point earning events for Cowgirl members. At Cowgirl Headquarters, through our website and our facebook pages, we connect members and local chapters to open doors that provide opportunities for growth and experiences that individually, perhaps, would not be available. When you become a member of 40 Something Cowgirls you bring with you, your ideas, your opportunities and essentially throw them in the pot to share and then draw from that pot. Sharing with each other is what we are all about, it’s how we grow and how we learn and experience new things. As a member of 40SC you are assured through our membership agreement that all “40 Something” members have agreed to (a) the terms and conditions of our membership (b) take full responsibility for their actions and the actions of their horses (c) release any and all liability from event sponsors, host, hostesses, facilities, land owners and related (d) maintain a healthy and parasite free horse and (e) not get in the way of fun by taking ourselves too seriously. 40 Something Cowgirls recognizes that there are no barriers between women of different cultures, races or religions and choose to concentrate on all that horsewomen of a certain age have in common. Having fun, sharing life and doing it in a way agreeable and respectful to all involved is the main goal at any and all events. We don’t set a bunch of rules and regulations. Members can find a local chapter that suits them or have the freedom and support from Cowgirl Headquarters to create a new Cowgirls Chapter. We do not Exclude, we INclude. We don't bring DRAMA We don’t disrespect horses or other members.
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