Welcome to 417 Magazine, the most exciting monthly magazine ever created in southwest Missouri. Whether you live in Springfield, Branson or one of the many other communities that we cover, you’ll find your passions in our pages.

With powerful writing and appealing images, we serve our readers as a guide to the best 417-land experience possible. 417 Magazine is a lifestyle magazine. Our mainstay is personal service—feature articles that include our don’t-miss events calendar, perceptive dining and travel stories and eye-catching spreads on fashion, home décor and outdoor living. 417 also profiles local people whose ideas and actions make impact on our region; we write about trendsetting local businesses, and we do groundbreaking issues coverage.

417 Magazine serves more than 120,000 readers in southwest Missouri with lifestyle information that helps them live the best lives possible in this corner of the world. Our award-winning coverage of the arts, dining fashion and travel is complemented by personality profiels of the most interesting people who call 417-land home.

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    417 Magazines serves more than 120,000 readers in southwest Missouri with lifestyle information that helps them live the best lives possible in this corner of the world. Our award-winning coverage of the arts, dining, fashion and travel is complemented by personality profiles of the most interesting people to call 417-land home. 417 Magazine is distributed to subscribers via direct mail, sold on newsstands, and found in nearly 2,500 hotel rooms and 2,000 waiting rooms.
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  • App Url: https://itunes.apple.com/app/417-magazine/id1195696366
  • App Support: http://www.417mag.com/417-Land-Stickers/
  • Genre: Stickers
  • Bundle ID: com.417mag.-17-Land-Stickers
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  • Version: 1.1
  • Release Date: January 18th, 2017
  • Update Date: January 23rd, 2017


Take your texting game to the next level with our 417-land themed stickers. 30+ stickers include our take on local favorites like Andy’s Frozen Custard, Gillioz Theatre, Pineapple Whip, food, places, things and more.

1. Download the 417-Land Stickers app. Note: they will not show up on your homescreen with the rest of your apps.
2. Open iMessage and start a text conversation
3. Click on the > button to the left of the text box
4. Click on the App Store icon (looks like an A)
5. Swipe to find your 417-Land Stickers
6. Tap a sticker once to send it alone. Hold down on a sticker to drag it onto a previous text or photo.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @417mag

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