Little Black Book is the go-to news and networking site for the international advertising community. Flick through the web pages of LBBonline to find the latest industry updates, in-depth interviews and greatest ads in the world, and join in to create your own personalised news feed.

The world’s leading agencies, production companies and post houses are turning to LBBonline to break their global news and members use the site to curate and showcase their best work – and keep tabs on the competition.

A dedicated editorial team also creates a weekly e-newsletter which includes interviews with creative pioneers, brand insight features and cutting-edge technology and strategy.

Collaboration and community are the pillars of LBBonline, that’s why we’re also working with major brands and agencies to create educational workshops and networking events. The highlight of the year is a week-long LBBonline beach venue, ‘La Plage Courage’, during the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, where industry leaders come to meet, mingle and enjoy the sea.

With its social platform and real world events Little Black Book is bringing people together both on and offline.

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    If you are reading this you will hopefully be enjoying our site. You may notice that we’re not your usual straight-up advertising and production publication. Round here, we do things differently. What launched as a small idea in 2007 has now become a place that is visited by most of the major agencies, production companies, post house, and end clients around the world – daily. We are an independent company, a group of people who are passionate about the business and creativity. Our aim is very simple; we want to help you spread your great news to our ever-growing readership of creative people (about 120,000 unique users a month) and to keep you up-to-date with the most exciting work in your local market and from around the globe. We also want to help those looking for new partnerships, talent and a way to connect without the hassle and costs. Our site is all about the work - and giving the people and companies behind it the chance to take credit. It means that you can track what the best in the business are doing and once you have found them you can be in contact with them, through our site. As the creative industries become more diverse and globalised, we feel it’s our job to talk about every part of the process from strategy to post-production and delivery, across all media. That’s also why we have built LBB as an open and democratic platform. We allow people to speak for themselves about their creations rather than having to beg for column space from a narrow, old-fashioned editorial agenda. Members of the LBB community can upload their own work and tag it within an inch of its life, so potential clients can find them without even looking. And what our users really like is that they can read and see all this work without paying for it, and can tailor their newsfeed to suit their own needs. Helping you navigate the vast ocean of creativity is our editorial team, who carefully curate the work and dig deeper to unearth valuable insights and the stories behind the most ground-breaking projects. It’s a real labour of love – and we think it’s key to have an editorial team that understands and enjoys the business that you work in. Put very simply, we know that every company in the creative and advertising world needs three things – a channel to push your news, a place to archive your work, and a place to find and be found. We believe that we have that platform.
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