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3D renderings & immersive high quality spin-tours, interactive sales kiosks, mobile apps, SEO web design & development, social media marketing, and the web-based builder/developer CRM software: 247SalesCenter _ allowing access all your sales and marketing in one central location. Harness today's latest technology including the iPhone and iPad, allowing customer-engagement like never before.
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3D renderings & immersive high quality spin-tours, interactive sales kiosks, mobile apps, SEO web design & development, social media marketing, and the web-based builder/developer CRM software: 247SalesCenter _ allowing access all your sales and marketing in one central location. Harness today's latest technology including the iPhone and iPad, allowing customer-engagement like never before.

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  • App Url: https://itunes.apple.com/app/aareas-interactive-inc-/id410966986
  • App Support: http://aareas.com/iPad
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  • Release Date: January 14th, 2011
  • Update Date: March 6th, 2014


New Condos is an app demonstrating the capabilities of Aareas' Builder & Condo Developer iPad Sales Tools. If you are a Home Builder or Condo Developer this app will allow your customers to search and find their dream home in your newest community. Virtual Tours, Renderings, Floor plans and views are all simply and elegantly displayed on the iPad. Sales people can even search for real-time availability and generate sales contract in real time. Never before has buying or selling real-estate been so fun and easy.

*NOTE: A username and password must be entered to run this app. If you are a Home Builder or Condo Developer and would like to request a username and password please send an email to info@aareas.com with your name, company name and company email address. The application is running on top of Aareas Interactive's 247SalesCenter CRM and database. For more info about Aareas' products and services please go to http://aareas.com.


View your newest subdivision or condo project overlaid on maps. Allow your prospects to see where their new home will be in relation to local points of interest including restaurants, theaters, and public services. Points of interest are completely configurable allowing you to target specific demographics and lifestyles. You are also able to appoint images to each point of interest to properly illustrate them to your customers. Take it a step further and plot all your projects in the city, state, country or even globally!


Allow prospects the ability to search floor plans by price, size, beds, baths, views, or by special features. They can view available model homes and condos, zoom in and take a virtual tour of their new home. The app allows users to save their favorite plans, email floor plans to themselves or a friend, and compare plans side-by-side to ensure they are getting everything they want in their dream home! Our proprietary architectural animations, renderings, or panoramas can be included on your model home and condo floor plans. These virtual tours will excite and impress both you and your customers - The realism and smoothness is unrivaled. A sales person can also check real-time availability and even generate a purchase agreement directly from the iPad.


Give your home buyers the ability to visualize themselves looking out window of their new house or relaxing on their balcony of their new condo with real photos outlining all building views. Add in a compass or opt for a panorama-style presentation. Using our rendering services you can illustrate the exterior of the building virtually, in 360 degrees, and plotted on a photograph of the actual site!


Take your customers on virtual tours of the community spaces available in or around your project, including the: club house, gym, pool and party room. As with our floor plan animations, the realism and smoothness is something you must experience to know the effectiveness.


After selecting their dream-home allow customers to put the finishing touches on it by selecting from your vast catalog of luxury finishes. Bring out inner designer by choosing finishes and seeing them applied to photo-realistic renderings of their new home! The app is driven by the 24/7SalesCenter database allowing customers to select and save options for you to review. Take the guess-work out of color-selection and allow customers to do it at their pace and in comfort.

Aareas Interactive offers Home Builders and Condo Developers the very best in: Builder and Condo iPad Apps, Renderings, Home Builder Software (Customer Relationship Management - CRM & Virtual Design Center), Interactive Touch-screen Kiosks, Content Managed (CMS) & Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Websites, and Architectural Animation. For more information on any of our products or services or to schedule a more in-depth demonstration, please contact us at info@aareas.com.

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