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Crystal Lagoons
Crystal Lagoons is an International technology company based in Miami that has developed an innovative concept and technology, patented in 190 countries, allowing for the construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water in crystal clear conditions at low cost. __ Founded in 2007, Crystal Lagoons? impressive turquoise waters are revolutionizing not only the real estate world but also water and energy production. This transformative technology is impacting, in a positive way, the lifestyle of people around the globe. Crystal Lagoons has experienced exponential growth and has been involved in over 600 projects in more than 60 countries, including: United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Oman, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Spain, France, Austria, Brazil and Chile. Crystal Lagoons partners with real estate developers, industrial institutions, and governmental entities to provide licensing for its state-of-the-art technology. Applications range from bringing idyllic beach life to locations otherwise thought unimaginable, to providing industrial solutions for closed-circuit cooling systems for thermal power plants and data-centers, among others. Crystal Lagoons has been recognized by over 5,000 international publications including Popular Mechanics and National Geographic for its innovative water treatment technology, resulting in up to 100 times fewer additives, and approximately 2% of the energy required by traditional filtration systems. Research & Development efforts focus on solving global humanitarian challenges related to the scarcity of water and energy, aiming to increase efficiency of different processes and water treatment methods. For example, solutions include reducing energy consumption of R.O. desalination processes, seawater purification, and artificial aquifer recharge programs.
Real Estate
50 - 200
Santiago, Chile
Fb Solution Hong Kong & China
FB Solution Hong Kong was established in 2008, going on to become the premium importer and distributor of high-grade bakery products in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. It offers only ?Made in Franceí croissants, rolls, bread, desserts, finger food and other bakery solutions for hospitality, catering companies, leisure parks, supermarkets,private clubs and restaurants. ?We guarantee to provide excellent quality bakery products, 100% ?Made in Franceí by the European bakery market leader Bridor de France and the renowned caterer Traiteur de Paris. Everything is delivered straight to your facilities, with a flexible delivery service and commitment to quality.? We focus on product consistency and provide a friendly service to food professionals. We take pride in what we do to deliver exceptional bakery products, cakes and canap_s platters. To us, customer satisfaction certainly comes first. All of our products have a unique taste as they are 100% made in France. Our partner Bridor is mainly using a certified AOP Charentes-Poitou butter, the finest French butter from a controlled designation of origin. Chefs can get a true Taste of France! All our products are frozen, easy to use, time saving, and customizable. Follow your creativity freely with our unbaked frozen pastries, unbaked pre-proofed pastries, prebaked bread, frozen desserts & finger food. Both Bridorís and Traiteur de Parisí production units in France have the latest quality certificates (ISO, IFS, BRC). Their equipments are based on the latest technology and guarantee food safety and traceability to our customers.
Food & Beverages
50 - 200