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Kochava has been closely collaborating with media partners to develop a set of criteria and minimum requirements for data collection and interpretation of SKAdNetwork data sets as part of a certified partnership. Certification through the program indicates that a partner is taking the necessary steps to maximize advertiser success on the SKAdNetwork and provide the most granular level of performance insights feasible through the SKAdNetwork.

The Kochava SDK already supports SKAdNetwork for advertisers today and the Kochava Marketers Operating System? (m/OS) has 12 partners already integrated and certified with more than 20 in progress for the program.

How to Find SKAd Certified Partners

Look for the Gold SKAd Certification star under the Ad Vendor's name to identify those who are certified.

Filter for SKAd Certified partners in the “Type” filter on the Ad Vendor Database page.

“Innovation is happening at an unprecendented rate in this transformative era of digital advertising, and we are proud to arise as an industry leader. Our SKAdNetwork Certification program is delivering the trust, support, and tools necessary to ensure continued growth and success for all of our valued partners.”
Charles Manning
Founder & CEO, Kochava

Kochava Provides Solutions for Both Demand Advertisers and Growth Partners.

SKAdNetwork for Advertisers

Simplifies integration to deliver scalability and standardization to industry adoption of the SKAdNetwork.

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SKAdNetwork Support-in-a-box

Helps publishers, ad networks, and DSPs support SKAdNetwork without the heaving lifting and costly infrastructure investment.

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